“Jeff brings a creative and experienced approach to everything we have worked on. Jeff has been truly professional in every aspect of our process and has brought real value to our business through his efforts and knowledge. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone who wants to take their marketing and their business to the next level. I have also thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeff and he has inspired me to re-kindle the creative energy that has fueled us in the past. Thanks Jeff!”

–CORY HANSEN, President, Spectrum Restoration Services


“Jeff has been a huge help with my firm’s marketing plan and needs and his positive energy is boundless. Before Jeff we had no marketing plan or direction. I knew my company needed to have a marketing direction and had worked with marketing firms in the past with moderate success. I didn’t want another strategic marketing firm the swoop in, give good advice, and then leave the rest up to me. I already have a dozen jobs and always ended up marketing a back seat. Working with Jeff was, and continues to be, exactly what I needed. Jeff is excellent on the front end giving clear and practical strategy and then follows up with the required tactical process to ensure it all gets done. Jeff even works as my firms Chief Marketing Officer to keep pushing in the proper direction. If you need marketing help and are not working with Jeff, you should be.”

–JOHN AHLBERG, Owner, Waident Technology Solutions


“I hired Jeff on a short-term contract to help implement the Duct Tape Marketing System. I was very impressed with his knowledge about sales and marketing. The experience he has had was brought to the table during these meetings. Being so impressed with his knowledge of sales and marketing we hired him to be our ‘part-time’ director of sales and marketing. I would recommend Jeff to any business that is looking for guidance and direction on their marketing efforts.  His top qualities include his expertise, good value and high integrity.”

–THOMAS APICELLA, Owner, ThinkSpaces


“I would highly recommend Jeff’s services to every small business owner. I used to struggle with how to price and develop my products, but Jeff quickly helped me to understand my target audience. I no longer constantly wonder “am I marketing / developing my products correctly, and is there a way to do it better?”. I have also learned to focus on my core customers, which has improved my products and overall well being. I look forward to meeting and talking with Jeff, as I always learn something new and now have the confidence I need to keep moving forward and growing. Simply put, Jeff’s services have been worth every penny and I cannot understate how helpful he has been.”

–MIKE TANNURA, Owner, T-storm Weather


“I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jeff quite well over the past few years, and also have had the benefit of his marketing acumen.  Coming at marketing from the perspective of a layman, I was quite impressed with the clarity in which Jeff presented his recommendations.  Moreover, I was really astounded by the way Jeff was able to fit my personality to the marketing plan.  I wouldn’t (and won’t) hesitate to recommend Jeff to anyone.  Excellent results, A+”
–CHRIS CAMERON, Partner, Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond LTD


“I had no idea what to expect! The feedback I got from Jeff was illuminating. Together, we identified the words that I want my clients to use when they describe my business. I realized I need to better frame the value I bring to my clients in my marketing literature and at the beginning of an assignment. Better ‘packaging’ of what I do will help me articulate the process I use to work with clients in more detail and in more emotional terms. ”

–MICHAEL PFEIFER, Ph.D., Owner, Industrial Metallurgists, LLC


“Jeff has provided me and my company with creative, innovative, ideas and support in our marketing/sales program. The results have been increased productivity, more sales, and greater retention of existing clients.  His ‘3 Top Qualities’: Great Results, Expert, Creative!”

–DAVID B. GIBBS, Owner, Homes & Land Magazine

“Jeff has been invaluable to our business.  As our Outsourced Marketing Director, he has provided excellent strategic guidance!  He offers numerous suggestions on how to better market our company and, with the Marketing Calendar, keeps us on track with our marketing activities.  In addition, we are much more aware of marketing and its importance to us!  I highly recommend Jeff…excellent value!”

–PAUL STEGER, Owner, Accurate Custom Cabinets

“Jeff’s personable style really allows him to put his clients at ease. This creates a working environment that is more productive than would otherwise be the case. Jeff’s strong grounding in Executive coaching allows him to guide his clients to success in both their business and personal lives. I recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking for a guiding light!”

–SCOTT METCALFE, President, Empire Consulting, Inc. & Owner, FetchLocalCustomers

“Jeff is a solid business consultant.  He is personable and listens well.  He then applies his expertise to the needs in the sales and marketing area.  His experience in sales and marketing is very helpful.”

–DANIEL MICHEL, Director, Center for Leadership Excellence

“Jeff, lead me through the ‘Duct Tape Marketing’ Quick Start program. He was able to provide expert insight into the materials…which were very extensive. I have begun to incorporate many of the marketing concepts into my plan already, and will continue to expand my marketing campaign, utilizing many of the things I learned from Jeff. I would recommend Jeff to anyone that is in need of ‘effective marketing at an affordable price.'”–JOHN HIGGINS, President, JTH Recognition

“I had the pleasure of working for Jeff at Winstar Professional Services. Jeff is an outstanding leader, mentor, and motivator. Jeff has a unique ability to evaluate situations and people and then map out a course to success.”

–SCOTT CAREW, Client Solutions Director, EMC Corporation

“Jeff Bishop’s approach is unique because he helps you see the common thread behind the stories of your life.”

–PEGGY O’CONNOR, HR Executive, Chicago

“I have had the opportunity to be a colleague of Jeff’s at a couple of organizations and have witnessed first hand the value of his analytical approach to solving business issues. Jeff’s business and life experience is invaluable in helping organizations grow and expand.”

–JAY SAVAIANO, Director, North America, SMARTS, Systems Engineering


“My business was expanding and I needed a coach/consultant for my sales and marketing team. I hired Jeff and was very satisfied with the approach that Jeff took in getting my teams coordinated and moving toward our business plan goals.

–DAN MOORE, President, Temple & Associates

“Jeff is one of the most visionary and passionate leaders that I have ever worked with. One of his greatest strengths is being able to focus and motivate diverse groups of people towards the same goal. He has the perfect blend of strategic thinking, coupled with creative problem solving and high energy. Most important however is that he consistently delivers high impact results. Jeff is a real asset to any senior leadership team looking for a strategic innovator.”

–KATE HENDRICK, Regional Vice President, WinStar Inc.

“I attended Jeff’s presentation, “Getting Employers—And Those Who Know Employers—to Know, Like, Trust And…Contact You”. Jeff was able to convey ideas by involving the audience. Jeff started the presentation with a common opener: He asked everyone to introduce themselves. When we finished, Jeff pointed out that only one member of the audience had mentioned the benefits that he can provide to an employer. Jeff emphasized that employers are more interested in benefits for themselves than in job applicants’ personal histories. When Jeff said this, I not only knew intellectually that Jeff was right, but also experienced the emotional chagrin of being caught in a mistake. My emotional experience made Jeff’s intellectual point more memorable.”

–JIM FUTRANSKY, Software Developer, Washington Mutual (WaMu)

“Jeff is a great business coach and has that unique ability to translate strategies and concepts into practical steps. His marketing/sales background along with his coaching experience gives him that special insight(s) that few have.”

–JEFF CARROLL, Executive Career Coach, SSP Corporation


“You guided me through a process that led me to see for the first time how to integrate my love for writing fiction with my business writing career. What I liked most about what we did is the way it fit so well with what I’ve been trying to do for some time with my business — integrate it in with my fiction writing. I knew it could be done, but I hadn’t found the key to making it work. You opened my mind to that key. Now, I’m moving forward — with great passion — to narrowing my business writing niche so that it aligns with my passion while providing an opportunity that I expect will lead to an expansion of my business.”

–PAUL LLOYD, Founder, Lloyd & Associates

“Jeff’s warm and enthusiastic style made our coaching sessions easy for me to share. He helped me move forward on some relationship issues.  I was amazed at how much we got done in the time we worked together. Jeff is a natural coach and an excellent choice for an Executive Coach!”

— LOU ADERMAN, Sales & Marketing Executive